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Horacio Eduardo “Marciano” Cantero of Enanitos Verdes Dies at 62

It’s a sad day for the rockeros. One of Argentina’s rock en español figureheads, Enanitos Verdes’ bassist and vocalist Horacio Eduardo “Marciano” Cantero passed away today (Sept. 8). He was 62.

According to Clarin, he underwent emergency surgery last week, where they removed his kidney and part of his spleen. Per the source above, the first medical reports note that he had complications with the remaining kidney.

“Unfortunately, he could not overcome the complications,” his son Javier Cantero told the press. “I want to personally thank all the fans, all the friends in life, the family, all the prayers and support we have received these days.” He continued by giving thanks to the clinic in Cantero’s hometown Mendoza, Argentina, whose staff took care of his father in his last days.

“As sad as I am, I look at the 30 years I was able to spend with him. Every day I was able to spend with him was a gift,” he reportedly said. “I can’t also stop being happy for the great man he was and for all the love that was returned to him in these days.”

“I want him to be remembered not only as the songwriter, singer and artist that he was, but also as a wonderful person and my best friend in the world.”

Fans all over the world are paying their respects to the legend that was part of one of the most popular rock bands in Latin America. Enanitos Verdes is arguably one of Argentina’s most important rock en español bands since they formed in 1979. Throughout their musical trajectory, the trio cemented themselves as icons with their classic hits like “Lamento Boliviano,” “Luz De Día,” and “La Muralla Verde,” to name a few.

The iconic trio also recently finished their U.S. tour back in Aug. May Marciano rest in peace.