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HHW Gaming: Amazon Leaks PS5 Price, No You Won’t Have To Pimp Yourself For A Console

If this leak is accurate, you won’t have to to secure a PS5 console.

Tech enthusiast Ben Geskin made an eyebrow-raising discovery. While perusing Amazon’s French website, he discovered the price listing for the PlayStation 5. According to Amazon, the standard model will cost €499, while the digital-only console will cost €399. Converted to American currency, that means that both PS5 console will cost about $560 and $450.

The listing also revealed that the console will have a November 20 release date for customers in France. As to be expected, the listing was quickly updated, and the pricing and release information was removed. There are always screenshots, of course.

If this price is indeed correct, it will be in the ballpark of the $400-$500 price-range that most analysts predicted Sony would set for the “future of gaming.” For some strange reason, folks on social media have been tweeting that it will cost even more and joking they would have to literally sell their bodies or suck up to their girlfriends in order to get a console. It’s also being reported that the PS5’s competition, the will only cost $399 at launch. Video game insiders are predicting that Sony will be keeping the price of its console close to Microsofts.

The PS5 console is set for a holiday release, and the rumored November 20 date sounds about right. The PS4 was released on November 15, 2013, in the US and November 29, 2013, in Europe. As expected, Sony has not confirmed both the price or release date.

We will keep you updated when that information does officially drops. Until then, you can to the PS5 after last week’s huge reveal.

Photo: Sony/ PlayStation