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Here’s Why Danna’s LGBTQ+ Fans Are Loving Her New Song ‘Platonik’

Danna’s most personal album Childstar includes a surprising revelation. In the new song “Platonik,” the Mexican pop star opened up about having feelings for another woman.

Last month, Danna Paola dropped her middle name from her artistic moniker. Her first album solely as Danna, Childstar, was released last night. Throughout the Latine pop LP, she sings about the ordeal of living 20-plus years under the spotlight and how she’s found healing and moving forward. One of the songs causing the most commotion online is “Platonik.”

Danna first came out about her girl crush on the Calle y Poché podcast last year. When asked by the hosts if she ever had feelings for another woman, she said yes and that she would talk about it more on her album. In recent interviews, Danna added that she was in love with a woman from Spain, presumably while she was there filming the Netflix show Élite.

“I also believe I’m part of the [LGBTQ+] community,” she said. “With this album, I’m telling a story that’s really personal for me. One time I had a crush on a woman when I was living in Spain. I fell in love with this woman. I was dreaming about her, and I never told her.”

In the sensual song “Platonik,” Danna goes deeper into the story of her girl crush. She sings about wanting to get intimate with the woman after they shared an “innocent kiss.” Though she hasn’t revealed the identity of her crush, some of Danna’s fans believe she could be her Élite co-star Ester Expósito. They reshared a video of the two women sharing a peck on the lips.

Danna’s fans in the LGBTQ+ community have celebrated her revelation in “Platonik” and shown her support. One person wrote on X, “Today us lesbians have won with Platonik.” Another person added, “PLATONIK is a bi anthem. Danna Paola did that for me.”

Danna is currently in a relationship with her boyfriend Alex Hoyer. Childstar also includes her previous hits “XT4S1S” and “1Trago.” The only featured artist on the album is Steve Aoki on the song “VTR3.”

Listen to “Platonik” below.