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Here Are the Highlights from Bad Bunny’s Viral Weekend Photo Dump

If Bad Bunny was looking for some attention this past weekend, he got it. On Sunday (August 27), the “Tití Me Preguntó” superstar released a photo dump to his Instagram Stories that caused quite a stir across social media.

In one photo, Benito is seen playing baseball in a pair of white boxers. He’s holding a baseball bat and standing at home plate ready for a pitch. In another photo, Benito is ordering food at a fast-food drive-through window. In another, he’s dressed in an all-white suit walking through an art museum with a handful of marble statues behind him. There’s also a photo of him eating food from a Styrofoam container while relaxing on a lake. We’re not sure who took all the photos of Bad Bunny, but it would probably be safe to say girlfriend Kendall Jenner was behind the camera for most of them.

The photo dump also featured some random videos, including dogs playing, a basketball game and Benito rapping. There was even one of him with Pedro Pascal at The Met Gala, the latter with plenty of admiration in his eyes.

There was even an absolutely random photo of Javier Bardem as King Triton from The Little Mermaid.

But in the internet’s favorite video, Benito is hiking with Jenner when they see a chipmunk on the trail. Jenner seems to be excited by the sight.

“Mami, be careful,” he tells Jenner as she reaches down to get closer to the critter. She asks him if he’s concerned about rabies. “The mosquitos,” he answers. Some viewers couldn’t handle the fact that Bad Bunny called Jenner “mami.”

Others wished it was them getting called by a pet name.

There were also plenty of people who were shocked by the NSFW selfie in the batch when they went to see why he was trending in the first place.

Even with all the selfies, he still had some room to support Jenner’s controversial tequila brand. The tequila brand was accused of cultural appropriation and featured Jenner in a tone-deaf commercial where she was going for a “chic migrant look” as if our communities are a costume someone can just put on for the day.

Bad Bunny should let his fans know if this is going to be a monthly or quarterly thing, so everyone can be mentally ready next time.