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HBO MAX Taps J.J. Abrams To Create 3 New Series Including ‘Justice League Dark’ & ‘The Shining’ Spin-off ‘Overlook’

HBO is only a few weeks away from launching its new streaming service, , but already it’s ordering some shows that are sure to get its subscription numbers up there with Netflix and Disney+.

After announcing they’d be rebooting The Boondocks, giving Green Lantern another go, and blessing Sesame Street with a new hood, HBO has tapped J.J. Abrams and his Bad Robot Productions (with Katie McGrath) to spearhead three new series that are bound to get people excited for their upcoming streaming channel.

According to a press release the Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker director will be working on a 70’s Southwest series dubbed Duster, a spin-off to Stephen King’s The Shining dubbed Overlook while bringing to life a fan favorite comic book, Justice League Dark. Overlook will be a series revolving around the Overlook Hotel which drove Jack Nicholson into an axe swinging maniac and the untold supernatural stories that took place at the haunted establishment. Hulu’s Castle Rock co-creator/executive producer Dustin Thomason and co-executive producer Scott Brown are in negotiations to pen Overlook.

Duster will be co-written by Abrams and The Walking Dead writer LaToya Morgan. Taking place in the 70’s the series will revolved around the life of a gutsy getaway driver for a growing crime syndicate goes from awful to wildly, stupidly, dangerously awful. Lowkey sounds like the current Trump administration. Just sayin.’

Justice League Dark can prove to be the most popular of the two though as comic book fans tend to flock to series and movies based on their favorite superheroes these days. A subdivision of the original Justice League that’s led by Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, Justice League Dark features heroes like John Constantine (remember that Keanu Reeves Constantine flick a decade back? Same character), Swamp Thing, Deadman and Frankenstein amongst others. This group’s main mission is to deal with the supernatural elements of the DC universe that Supes and Bat’s aren’t familiar with or really cut out for.

No word yet on casting or which characters will even be featured but regardless of who’s in it we’ll sure be tuning in to see how things play out.

While this is more than welcome news, fanboys are still holding out endless hope that HBO MAX will eventually announce that they’ll be releasing the long demanded Zack Snyder cut to The Justice League that Warner Bros. shelved due to its darker than normal atmosphere. Hoping to finally see Superman in the black suit and have Darkseid make his cinematic debut, fans even started a petition to “Release The Snyder Cut.” There were rumors that HBO MAX would kick off their launch with the highly anticipated film, but those rumors have since been shot down.

Still, these new series sound pretty dope. So we can’t be too mad at this point even if the Snyder cut of The Justice League never makes it HBO MAX debut.

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