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Halsey Finds a Museum-Worthy Maternity Look

When Halsey announced her pregnancy back in February, no one expected her to ditch the indie designers and offbeat runway fare that she loves. Maybe due to her prowess as a skilled painter, poet, and illustrator, she has a special appreciation for creatives whose work merges fashion and art. Yesterday on Instagram, she shared her latest find, a turtleneck dress from Min Ji Son. The Los Angeles-based artist uses clothing as a canvas, airbrushing anime-style figures onto mesh blouses, tank tops, and figure-hugging dresses.

The collection is affordable—Halsey’s look is only $150—and its charm lies in the uniqueness of each design. The sketches, paintings, and prints worked onto each piece make them feel one-of-a-kind. Custom pieces are available, too, and if you’re not ready to wear Min’s art, you can take it all in on social media. The artist’s Instagram offers an overview of creativity that makes its way onto her clothes. Filled with color and whimsy, each portrait she’s shared bursts off your screen and is more than worthy of a like.

Paired with a clutch bag and stud earrings by stylist Lyn Alyson, Halsey’s dress was as sleek as one would expect from one of pop’s current queens, but it didn’t feel forced. Covered in splashy graffiti that compels you to look closer, it’s one of the rare celebrity looks that can’t be attributed to a luxury house or omnipresent trend, aka a true original. We’d love to see more.