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Grupo Firme Could Lose Their Name – Here’s What We Know

The megastars Grupo Firme have been on the rise of major international success in the past year, but with that comes disruption periodically, too. According to the De Primera Mano series on Imagen Television, as of May 18, the Regional Mexican band could be facing possible legal issues after someone allegedly tried to register the name twice as if it was their own. In turn, this could potentially force the group to change its distinctive name and renowned legacy.

The “Ya Supérame” superstars are part of Music VIP, a company ran by Isael and Evert Gutiérrez, partners of the group’s lead singer, Eduin Caz. And according to De Primera Mano, Isael and Evert Gutiérrez have applied to register the Grupo Firme name with the Mexican Institue of Industrial Property (IMPI) as owners of the successful brand. 

The documents issued by the IMPI indicate that the first registration attempt would have been on Aug. 29, 2019. The request shows that it would allegedly have been Consuelo Gonzalez Rodriguez, legal representative of Evert Gutiérrez, according to De Primera Mano, who requested the registration of Grupo Firme under the name of its client. 

The IMPI’s reply was to ask the applicants to present the Reservation of Rights, that is, “it requests that a document be accredited or issued that guarantees ownership of Grupo Firme.” However, this was not complied with, and the file was abandoned without any impact.


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​​According to the IMPI request, the second attempt was on Feb. 2, 2022. It was allegedly Georgina Esteva Wurts, legal representative of Isael Gutiérrez. The Institute once again requested that the Reservation of Rights be presented. As reported by De Primera Mano, if Isael Gutiérrez or Evert Gutiérrez managed to prove that they own the group — or at least its name — it would be theirs.

Unfortunately, it wouldn’t be the first group to go through a legal battle with Evert Gutiérrez. As claimed by Los Buitres de Culicán Sinaloa members, who used to be part of Music VIP, they have also suffered the consequences of having their name taken, presumably by Gutiérrez, their manager. De Primera Mano name also showed documents that would supposedly prove that the Los Buitres de Culicán Sinaloa was actually registered under the name of Gutiérrez in the National Institute of Copyright on Jan. 25, 2011, and also in the IMPI.

Regardless, it’s a blood bath of who and what gets the rights to the iconic brand that is Grupo Firme. Even though the battle seems that have just opened up to the public eye, we hope that the Regional Mexican stars keep their name, and fans will once again enjoy the festivities that come with our favorite “El Tóxico” members.

Neither Music VIP nor any member of Grupo Firme have commented on the reports at the time of publishing.