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Griselda’s “Fire in the Booth, Pt. 1” Freestyle Is The Greatest Thing On Youtube Right Now

If you still are sleeping on then it’s time to wake out of your deep slumber. The crew are making their stops in London and just reminded the industry once again why they are so special.

The Buffalo Kids made a stop to the Charlie Sloth Beats 1 show. The segment calls for MC’s to freestyle and the trip did not disappoint. After the standard Q&A plugging their first major label debut W.W.C.D. they proved that they should be considered as top tier spitters.

Over a xylophone driven track sets the tone with some braggadocio explaining why he can sit back and not rhyme. From there Benny The Butcher takes the pass and seizes the moment. “Put on my shoes? Nah, my hammer was first / bulletproof the whip I use to take my Grandma to church / I went gram for gram with the work hand-in-hand on the 1st / everybody who hating now was a fan of us first“.

While Benny set the tone for the cipher Conway played clean up with a vicious verse that lasted over two minutes. His performance is classic Con with a barrage of gritty bars fused in designer drip mentions and sports references. “Uh, I took a loss, but now I’m back buyin’ raw/ Sell it for the Shaq, but I get it for the Bryan Shaw/ Lettin’ off this MAC, got you n*ggas tryna climb a wall/ I put the pressure on your shooters like Kawhi the Claw”.

You can view the freestyle below.


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