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#GlizzyGate: Vince Staples Unveils Glizzy Gate T-Shirts, DMV Twitter Attempts To Fry Slim, Moe

is most likely comfortable in any hood but his folks in Washington, D.C., and its surrounding regions probably are riding with him a little less now. After putting out a t-shirt that reframes hot dogs as a “glizzy,” Twitter has been firing back at the Long Beach, Calif. rapper with Staples responding with his usual dry wit.

Glizzy Gate began on June 28 when Staples tweeted, “Neither Joe Biden nor Trump are trustworthy I can tell by how they approach a glizzy.”

For context, at least since 2018 or 2019, there has been persistent chatter that some folks in the Washington Metro region refer to hot dogs as a glizzy while most maintain its D.C. slang for a Glock handgun.

Staples continue his glizzy tutorial by putting together an over the top theory that linked American presidents and their methods of hot dog eating, calling them a secret society.

“You can find imagery of every modern day president eating a glizzy this is NOT a conspiracy it’s a secret society. Don’t take my word for it google JFK with the glick google Nixon with the glick it’s real.”

Staples then shared a photo of President Ronald Reagan cooking hot dogs on the grill writing in the caption, “HERES A PICTURE OF RONALD REGAN GRILLING 28 GLIZZZYS AND HE PUT CRACC IN THE BLACC COMMUNITY BUT YALL NOT GON HEAR ME TILL ITS TOO LATE”

That tweet was later followed with Staples writing, “I see a lot of people talking about politics on here but if you want to find the truth about the American government follow the glizzy.”

From there, Staples began quote-retweeting his followers who all chimed in with their own spin on glizzy consumption and that went on for much of the day.

On Friday (July 3), Staples shared the Glizzy Gate shirt fashioned as a presidential campaign shirt with a hot dog in a bun dressed as Uncle Sam and Vince Staples 2020 on emblazoned on the back.

Since the debut of the shirt, the reactions from DMV Twitter have been both intense and comical, allowing themselves to accept it the joke that it is.

Staples also incorporated D.C. slang in a few responses to his critics who say he stole their wave. At one point, Staples mentions the infamous fried fish institution Horace & Dickies, which closed its original and iconic location in the city’s northeast section earlier this year due to gentrification said the owner. However, three other locations are still in existence.

Check out the responses below. To cop the shirt, click here.

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