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Gigamesh Delivers Soulful New Single “Holding On”

Artist and producer, Gigamesh, returns to the site today for the first time since his 2015 release, The Music. The Los Angeles based DJ infused a whole lot of soul into his newest track, “Holding On.”

A driving beat and atmospheric vocal samples kick off “Holding On,” as the track slowly morphs into an anthemic vocal drop. Backed by a strong four on the floor groove, tasteful arpeggios and vocal hooks alternate their time in the spotlight. Gigamesh’s ethereal electronic spin on this soul vocal sample is a refreshing change of pace.

Gigamesh provided more insight into the track, sharing:

This song is built on the vocals from the 1976 soul song by First Choice, I’ll Stay Right Here. I gravitated to them because Rochelle Fleming’s voice is iconic and the lyrics explore that beautiful liminal space between love and pain. I’ve always been attracted to music that explores that complexity, and I think its especially interesting when applied to dance music since the dance floor is both a place for celebration and catharsis.

You can stream “Holding On” at the link below. Enjoy!

Gigamesh – Holding On

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