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Gia Rachelle Stuns Crowds With New Track “F.U.S.”

Gia Rachelle has just released her new single titled “F.U.S.” The song sees the talented artist talk about the very sensitive subject of depression and anxiety, and yet she does it in such a positive and playful way that her messages are instantly channeled seamlessly. 

As always with Gia Rachelle, the music is beautiful and her vocal performance outstanding. The pop-r&b singer-songwriter follows-up to her previous releases including “Interest”, “Deja Vu”, “Say Something”, “Adore”, and more. 

The innate storyteller finds inspiration in real life, personal experiences, feelings and emotions. Her soft yet confident voice is the sharpest weapon she has to generously convey her art to the audience.  Born and raised in San Antonio, Texas, Rachelle grew up surrounded by music and feelings that could only be expressed through music.

She has listed Ariana Grande, Jojo, and Victoria Monae as some of the main artists that have influenced her way of making music, and one quick listen to “F.U.S” will convince even the most skeptical of listeners that Gia Rachelle has a special gift!

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