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Gervonta Davis Caught On Tape Roughing Up His Baby Mama, Glass Jaw Twitter Reacts

Gervonta Davis might need to enroll in some anger management classes or something of the sort after a disturbing video surfaced this weekend. The WBA Lightweight champion the mother of his child during a Super Bowl Weekend event, and the entire moment was caught on video.

Davis, 25, is seen on the video at a charity basketball game in Miami, Fla. slapping a drink out of the hand of the mother of his child, Dretta Star and then grabbing her by the collar of her coat before roughly whisking her out of the arena while people looked on.

The boxer nicked named “Tank” took to Instagram to explain his side and state that he didn’t assault Starr.

“I never once hit her,” Davis wrote.”Yeah I was aggressive and told her come on. That’s the mother of my child. I would never hurt her.”

To those who peeped the video Twitter, it looked like a lot more than “come on, we’re going home” and the comments have been intense since the footage went public. Oddly enough, a flurry of comments to the video came from a lot of men trying to get jokes off in saying that they wouldn’t have tried to intervene lest they get knocked out by Davis.

However, some users highlighted that Davis, while a  world champ, is only about 5 feet 3 inches tall and around 130 pounds. Basically, a small dude with super-fast hands. And clearly, he had men in the venue shook including those in the area who witnessed the moment up close.

We’ve got Twitter reactions to Gervonta Davis allegedly roughing up Dretta Starr below.

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