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George Santos Used Campaign Funds for OnlyFans, Sephora & More — Here’s the Latest

On Thursday, November 16th the House Ethics Committee released its report on the Committee’s investigation into Republican Rep. George Santos of New York. The findings show Santos used campaign funds to pay for Botox, OnlyFans, Sephora, credit card debt, meals, parking, and a purchase at the luxury store Hermes. 

Not only that, the report concludes he did so knowingly. The full report can be found here.

“Representative Santos’ conduct warrants public condemnation, is beneath the dignity of the office, and has brought severe discredit upon the House,” committee chairman Rep. Michael Guest (R-Miss.) and senior Democrat  Susan Wild (D-Pa.), said in a joint statement.

Santos was quick to respond to the report in a lengthy post on X, formerly known as Twitter. The Republican Representative called the investigation a “disgusting politicized smear that shows the depths of how low our federal government has sunk.”

He also added that he would not be seeking reelection to a second term in 2024, despite previously announcing that he would, and vowed to “continue to maintain my commitment to my conservative values in my remaining time in Congress.” Santos stepped down from all his committee assignments back in January.

Rep. Guest is set to file a motion to expel Santos on Friday morning, according to The Washington Post. The House will consider the motion when it returns from holiday break on November 28th. 

Only two members of the House have been expelled in the last 50 years, and both of them were convicted of a crime. Santos was charged by federal prosecutors in May on 13 counts, which include defrauding his donors. A superseding indictment in October saw him indicted on 10 additional charges, including using donors’ credit cards. He has pleaded not guilty to all charges. 

In the meantime, the internet took the time to poke fun at George Santos, and said he was being accused of “crimes of divahood.”