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#FreeTheStallion: Judge Sides With Megan Thee Stallion, Denies Label’s Attempt To Block “Suga” Release

The leader of the Hot Girl movement, Megan Thee Stallion, scored a massive court victory in her battle with her label 1501 Certified Entertainment in regards to getting new music to her fans.

On Tuesday (Mar.3), 1501 Certified Entertainment filed an emergency motion to dismiss the temporary order that would allow Megan to drop her on Friday (Mar.6) without needing his permission to do so. Late Wednesday (Mar.4), Megan got a W when District Court Judge Beau A. Miller denied that motion. Megan has since taken to the gram to announce the good news while looking extremely good in the process.

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FACTS ARE FACTS AND THE FACTS ARE PUBLIC ‼️ I’m extremely pleased that 1501 and Carl Crawford were denied the request to dissolve the Court order and try to stop my music from being released. I will proceed with the release of “SUGA”. On Friday March 6, To be clear, I will stand up for myself and won’t allow two men to bully me, I am NO ONES PROPERTY. Y’all are choosing to highlight the issue of music splits…talk about everything else. This has nothing to do with anyone else including JAY-Z, stop deflecting and trying to make this a publicity stunt, I want my rights, The facts are; 1. 1501 doesn’t want to approve my budget to put out my project that the court is allowing to be released. 2. 1501 tried to stop my release, I prevailed in court 3. 1501 tried to fight the decision today, the court denied 1501’s request🤷🏽‍♀️ respect my deceased mother, she’s not here, you don’t know her, you weren’t involved, Carl should speak for himself, All the facts are public record available at the courthouse in Houston.

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In Miller’s order, the judge states:

“The album at issue may be dropped for distribution beginning March 6, 2020.”

The judge even mentioned J.Prince, who hasn’t been silent in this whole contract fiasco and has sided with Crawford and just recently the Houston rapper. Megan and her legal team alleged that Prince was making threatening social media posts towards her and in the order stated:

“Mr. Prince shall refrain from threatening or posting threatening or retaliatory social media posts or threats against [Megan], her agents, or her representatives.”

Judge Miller also instructed both Crawford and Thee Stallion to reframe from talking about the case with any press in his order as well, stating both sides “are prohibited from communicating with the media concerning the underlying issues in this case without court approval.”

It’s mind-blowing how quickly this whole situation exploded. Since Megan hopped on her Instagram account Monday (Mar.2) to voice her displeasure with her label for not allowing her to drop new music and flat out saying she can’t renegotiate the terms of her contract things developed rather quickly. We expect this dispute to carry on, but it looks like for now Carl Crawford, 1501 Certified Entertainment, or J.Prince can’t stop the Hot Girl.

Photo: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz

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