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Feid Sets Record Straight About Rumored Relationship With Karol G

Colombian singer and producer Feid (also known as FERXXO) is finally setting the record straight about the status of the rumored relationship between him and his “FRIKI” collaborator Karol G.


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“If I had something to say, I’d let everyone know, but I don’t have anything to share,” Feid told a reporter during a press promo hyping up his upcoming concert in Mexico. “We made a song, I was with her on tour, I love her a lot and everything, but there is nothing beyond that.”

This is the first time either of the two weighs in on rumors surrounding their relationship status. Feid made it clear that they are only friends, and their relationship is strictly professional. Reports say he was good-natured in answering the reporter’s questions on his love life and took it all in stride. However, he seemed to hint at an annoyance with the constant reports romantically linking him to the women he collaborates with — who he sees as no more than friends. 

But can you blame fans for wanting to know and wanting them to be more? It’s been a year since the Colombian reggaeton pop star broke off her engagement with Puerto Rico’s Anuel AA. Fans have been along for the ride as she chronicles her heartbreak and comeback, most recently with her song “Provenza,” where she sings, “she was with someone but is now free.”


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Rumors between Feid and Karol being more than just friends began to pop off earlier this year. They share a cultural connection through their hometown of Medellín, Colombia. Both of their lives are also centered around music, which led many spectators to point to this as the foundation for a flourishing relationship that began when Feid opened for her on the Bichota tour in Oct. 2021. The two displayed an intense amount of chemistry while performing together, leading fans to wonder whether it was more than just entertainment. 

As of now, Feid says it’s nothing more than friendship. Karol has yet to weigh in one way or another; we’ll just have to wait and see.