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Feid and Sky Rompiendo Drop ‘Nostalgic’ EDM Collab ‘Nieve’

The first few notes of “Nieve” take listeners back to the EDM songs bumping at the club in the early 2010s. On Thursday, Feid and Sky Rompiendo dropped their latest collaboration, a dance-ready banger.

The song came about as a surprise for Feid and Sky while they worked on “a song that had nothing to do with this one.” “As soon as I put on the headphones I knew I wanted to hop on this track because I had been looking for something in this sort of vibe for my live show,” the Colombian singer tells Nuevo Culture. “I recorded it in one take. And that was that.”

Feid describes the track as “nostalgic,” and how could it not be with vibey sounds reminiscent of Cudi’s 2009 hit “Day N Nite”? “It talks about a love that isn’t there anymore,” explains Feid. On it, he sings, “I loved you so much/that I forgot how much time I gifted you/How many bitches and I’d forget/when I could’ve been swimming/in money and fucking all of them.”

The music video for the track continues the same themes and “universe” Feid has included in past tracks, starting with “Chimbita.” (He uses similar imagery across his La Mafia album.) “We have the same protagonist from my past videos, the symbolism around ‘La Mafia’ with the men in red,” Feid says as he teased a comic and his forthcoming album. (By men in red, he means men with literal fiery red skin.)

Feid released his album Inter Shibuya last year, which featured his other collab with Sky, “Chimbita.” The album also included his collab with Karol G, “Friki.”