Think Vetements with extra cheese

Over the past few years, we have seen fast food giants crossover into the world of fashion and beauty. Remember KFC’s hot wing flavoured lipstick? Or McDonald’s burger-scented candles? Well now Papa Johns has decided it wants a slice of the action (thanks, I’m here all week). 

That’s right, your second favourite pizza chain has dropped a new line of merch – Papa x Cheddar – inspired by its delivery drivers as an homage for their essential food-delivering duties over the past year. 

Upcycling and recycling delivery driver uniforms, the collection is made up of boxy oversized jackets, polos, tees, and visors, all branded with Papa John’s logos. There’s even a motorcycle helmet that I‘m desperate to see Anna Della Russo in. The entire collection is, quite frankly, not too dissimilar to Vetements. 

“I love this ironic twist on traditional collaborations especially as streetwear and delivery driver uniform aren’t that dissimilar,” says Ella Lubag, who appears in the collection’s campaign images. “Modelling some of the items in the Papa X Cheddar advertising campaign, I had to genuinely take a double look that the Papa John’s uniform was not real streetwear.”

The entire Papa x Cheddar collection is available now on depop with all proceeds going to charity. 

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