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Facebook Is Currently Working On A Pair Of Smart Speakers

It seems that smart speakers are the new product exploding in the marketplace with all tech giants rushing to get their fering live but currently Google and Amazon are the only ones making serious strides thanks to their powerful voice-assistants. Apple also just started to get their feet wet in the field but based on recent reviews, Siri still has a long way to go before it can compete with the best. The problem is that doesn’t leave the consumer with many options to choose from. Now, enters Facebook into the equation.

Facebook’s smart speaker has been rumored since last year and it looks like they’re finally pushing the idea. In fact, two devices — codenamed Fiona and Aloha — could be going head-to-head with the Amazon Echo and Google Home this July. Similar to the Echo Show, Aloha will reportedly carry a 15-inch touchscreen, while Fiona looks to be a more traditional voice-controlled speaker without an interface. So far there haven’t been any leaks for the speakers’ design so we’ll have to just wait and see what Facebook has been working on. Stay tuned for information regarding the social media giant’s foray into the smart speaker game.