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Exclusive World Premiere: Nico Cartosio Releases “Cocaine March”, A Heavenly Beautiful Destruction Performed By An All-Star Team

Super talented neo-romantic composer Nico Cartosio releases new highly anticipated composition titled “Cocaine March”, an anthem of destruction and creation, the essence of the cycle of life itself. Following the international success of “Snow Above The Earth – Requiem For The Tunes Unplayed“, amassing several million views on YouTube, Nico aims to share his visionary art in “Cocaine March”, born in the Negev Desert (Israel) in the form of a revelation. 

In “Cocaine March”, Nico Cartosio chose to work with the most respected artists in their respective fields; Frank Ricotti, behind the percussions of countless Hollywood blockbusters, world renowned orchestra conductor Gavin Greenaway (Batman, Pirates of the Caribbean, Gladiator) and one of the most celebrated pianists worldwide, John Lenehan.  Reputed soloist and violinist John Mills, and Harpist and Head of Harp Studies at the Royal Academy of Music in London, Skyla Kanga, complete the all-star team.

Nico Cartosio delivers yet another magical creation to the world, and listeners will re-discover tragedy, destruction and death, as well as bliss, eternal beauty and creation in their rawest essence. A glorious and triumphant dance of destruction.

Highlighting the breadth of Nico Cartosio’s innate talent, “Cocaine March” cements his rise on the international music stage and is set to fascinate audiences across the globe.

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