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Premiere: John O’Brien – The Love You Need

Audiences have been anticipating John O’Brien’s next move. The recording artist, songwriter and performer, just released his latest project entitled The Love You Need, an album home to eleven tracks, in which each song is the result of a unique story, sonically blending modern soundscapes with authentic rock.

Whether it’s the exciting “The Ultimate Rebop”, the perfect rock n roll gem “Phoenix”, or the feel good “Happy To Love”, which reminds us of some of the Beatles’ best hits, John O’Brien juggles effortlessly between genres and offers an album filled with everything we love about music. He performs a tour de force by translating almost every emotions into sound, like in the melancholic “Leaving In Your Own Time”, where listeners can hear him sing lyrics we can all relate to; “I see her eyes are drifting, we’re going to be waiting, for that day when we awaken, and know our feelings have changed, that we can make it better alone in a way, from a love that’s not so real to a life on our own, so we’re leaving in our own time”, followed by an addictive saxophone melody, brilliantly ending the song, and leaving listeners speechless.

The Love You Need finds John O’Brien at his sharpest and most dynamic, and while we are used to the experienced artist delivering incredible performances, he unleashes his singing powers like never before in this album.

John O’Brien is going to present The Love You Need through a world tour in most major cities, and display the full range of his live performing talents to international audiences.

O’Brien has always been extremely popular among major media and digital music platforms, receiving mass traction and plays everytime he released a single or an album, and he continues his successful musical journey today with The Love You Need, getting ready once again to conquer the heart of music lovers.

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