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Eslabon Armado Makes Música Mexicana History with “Desvelado” Album

Regional Mexican music trio Eslabon Armado has been making waves in the industry, breaking records and winning over fans with their unique sound. Their latest album, “Desvelado,” has been highly anticipated by their followers and is set to continue their streak of success.

In an interview with Remezcla, Eslabon Armado’s lead singer Pedro Tovar spoke about the making of the album and the significance of their success. Tovar highlighted the importance of representing their Mexican culture through their music, saying “we’re putting our culture on the map and showing that we can also make history in the industry.”

“Desvelado” features a variety of tracks, ranging from ballads to uptempo songs that showcase the group’s versatility. Tovar also discussed the challenges of creating an album during the pandemic and the impact that it had on their music-making process.

Despite the obstacles, Eslabon Armado has managed to maintain a strong connection with their fans, even during the pandemic. Tovar emphasized the importance of staying connected with their supporters, saying “they’re the reason we’re here.”

Eslabon Armado has achieved several milestones in their career, including being the first Regional Mexican act to top Billboard’s Emerging Artists chart and breaking records on YouTube with their music videos. Their success has paved the way for other Mexican artists in the industry.

With “Desvelado,” Eslabon Armado continues to make history and establish themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the world of Regional Mexican music. The album is set to be released on May 13, 2023, and fans can expect to hear more of the group’s signature sound and heartfelt lyrics.