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Dylan Joseph Drops Deeply Moving Country Song And Music Video Titled “44”

American artist Dylan Joseph recently dropped a brand new music video entitled “44”. The music video already counts around 400K views on YouTube, and it is no coincidence so much the song is beautiful and based on a dramatic series of events that really happened in Dylan’s life. It is after a car accident his sister went through that mysterious occurrences started happening.  

After being miraculously saved, Dylan Joseph’s sister started to see the number 44 everywhere she went. Then it was his mother who started witnessing the same phenomenon, before Dylan himself started seeing that same number wherever he would go. 

After some research, Dylan Joseph found out that 44 was the number representing the Guardian Angel of Protection, and understood God was directly communicating to him and his family via these multiple signs and symbols. He is today on a mission to share and spread his infinite gratefulness with his rapidly growing fanbase through sublime music. 

“44” is a beautiful country song inspired by these mysterious events, and one that will help Dylan Joseph cement his rise as one of the most talented country artists of his generation.