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Dulce María Denies Rumors She Is Reuniting with RBD

Don’t expect Dulce María to show up to any RBD reunion concerts anytime soon. Contrary to rumors making their rounds online, the singer and songwriter recently denied that she would be returning to the band that gave her international fame starting in 2004.

“Unfortunately, this year it will not be done,” Dulce María said. “I do not know if one day it will be done, hopefully. But this year it is not going to be done. We wanted to. We tried. But for various reasons, it could not be done.”

Dulce María wanted to make sure fans knew that she was not rejoining RBD only because a handful of fake websites were promoting concerts with her in the lineup.

“And obviously, do not buy tickets because it does not exist and it is a fraud,” she said. “Do not be fooled.”

RBD spun off from the popular telenovela Rebelde. From 2004 to their separation in 2009, the popstars became one of the best-selling Latin groups of all time, selling over 15 million records globally with albums like Nuestro Amor, Celestial, and Empezar Desde Cero.

“I have a lot of love for all of them – a lot of respect and a lot of admiration,” Dulce María added. “That’s how it will always be.”

In December 2020, four of the six RBD members reunited 12 years after their last concert for a virtual performance. Anahí, Maite Perroni, Christian Chávez, and Christopher Von Uckermann took the stage for one night of nostalgia. Dulce María and Alfonso “Poncho” Herrera did not participate at the time, but both gave their support via social media.

In 2021, Dulce María released her fourth solo studio album, Origen. It was the first album she produced independently. Songs on Origen include Más Tuya Que Mía, Nunca, and Lo Que Ves No Es Lo Que Soy.

“My greatest evolution, what gives me the most satisfaction right now, is being able to have released this album with songs of my own,” Dulce María told People en Español last November. “I think that’s where the evolution lies – in a bit of creative freedom.”