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Dua Lipa Wore A Little Black Dress With Rhinestone Nipple Pasties

The other night I was on a date and the guy asked: “Who is your celebrity style icon?” (I’m not kidding, he actually did.) I was caught off guard at receiving such a random first date question that I couldn’t think of a name. But today, the answer has finally come to me: Dua f*ckin’ Lipa.

The “Levitating” singer embodies all the qualities necessary for a personal style icon: she wears outfits I could realistically wear, but at the same provides nonstop inspiration. I mean, wearing earbuds as a necklace—who else but Dua?!

Her latest fit pic is what led me to this *very* important conclusion. Dua took what might be the most overdone fashion staple of all time—the little black dress—and made it feel 100% fresh. How? With a little mesh paneling and a couple rhinestone pasties.

The sleeveless mini was giving LBD only from the waist down. On top, it was totally sheer with sparkling florals for coverage and a sleek mock neck collar. As stated, Dua’s style is impeccable, so she couldn’t just wear the dress and be done with it. Instead, she rounded out the look with knee-high boots, ’90s wrap sunglasses, and a boxy boyfriend blazer.

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Someone tell Hinge dude that I’ve made up my mind, because I do not plan on seeing him again.

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