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Double Dip Drizzy: Melyssa Ford & Toccara Jones Say They Dated Drake At The Same Time

has long been considered one of the entertainment biz’s top “snipers” when it comes to catching the top baddies of the day, and early in his career, he was doing a little too much. It has since come out that Drizzy was doing the double-dip after concurrently both and Toccara Jones at the same time, and they both shared how it wasn’t enough to destry their friendship.

Jones, who gained fame as a curve model on the reality series America’s Next Top Model, was a guest on Ford’s I’m Here For The Food podcast, and the friends dished about Jones’ business ventures and more. However, the meaty topic of the Canadian heartthrob dominated a small part of their conversation.

Initially, the women were reluctant to reveal the identity of the rapper in question when the topic of dating came about. But as the talk went on, the ladies let the cat out the bag that Drake was playing the field with both of them. In fact, it was Ford who broached the conversation and dropped the details that she discovered that Drake was ho-hopping between them but she decided that her friendship was worth saving over dating him.

Ford also expressed a true fact that both women are “seven-course” meals and the fact he knew of their friendship made his actions even worse in their eyes. If we’re doing the math, Drake was perhaps newly minted as a superstar when this was going on so he no doubt had his pick of women to choose from nationwide and globally.

Check out Ford and Jones talking about Double-Dip Drizzy below.

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