Be still my safety-pinned heart

Back in June, Britney Spears made a rare appearance in the Los Angeles courtroom, speaking candidly about the hellish conservatorship she has been living under since 2008. Among harrowing accounts of being forced to perform while sick, paparazzi plots, and enforced IUDs, she told the judge of wanting “to get married and have a baby, I was told right now in the conservatorship, I am not able to get married or have a baby.” 

In the three months that have passed, the pop star’s situation seems to have undergone significant change, seeing a stream of basic liberties trickle back into her life. Bolstered by public pressure and the #freebritney movement, her father has officially been removed as conservator, and in early September, she announced her engagement to Sam Ashghari, who she has been partnered with since 2016. Then, this week, as she uploaded a carousel of pictures taken in a peach tulle gown, Britney revealed that her wedding dress was to be designed by Donatella thee Versace. 

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“No… this is not my wedding dress bahahah!!!! Donatella Versace is making my dress as we speak…. Have a good night folks!!!!,” she captioned the post. Of course, Britney has been a patron of Versace throughout her career, donning a score of Donatella’s glitzy, shredded looks for music videos, red carpets, and live performances alike. And the admiration goes both ways. The designer has been vocal in her support of #freebritney, uploading a throwback picture of them to Instagram in May, writing “this flashback is when she came to my show in 2002, looking glamorous in Versace. I’ll never forget when you came and stayed with me Britney, you were and always will be magical!!!!” 

It’s a pivotal time in Britney’s fight for freedom, with lawyers on both sides calling to end the conservatorship. “I haven’t prayed so much for anything in my life,” she wrote on Instagram, ahead of the hearing this Friday (November 12), which could terminate the conservatorship for good. With a little help from Donatella Versace, a draping of metal mesh, and a couple of golden safety pins, perhaps Britney will get the happy ever after she so deserves.