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Dominican Dad Goes Viral for Making Daughter’s Dress for Beyoncé Tour

The Beyhive has been buzzing since Beyoncé’s Renaissance tour kicked off in May. The tour is now making its way across the United States, and eager fans are getting creative with their Renaissance tour outfits, with one member of the Beyhive enlisting her dad to help nail that perfect outfit. 

Geselle Valera and her father, Jose Peralta are going viral on TikTok, after Valera posted a video of her father tailoring a dress to seamlessly align with her inspo-Beyoncé’s holographic mini dress. The video shows Valera’s dad concentrating on the sewing machine, pinning the dress on Valera, and giving his nod of approval for the final piece. 

Valera went to her father for the last-minute design thanks to the suggestion from her cousin, who had been on the phone with her earlier that week to help pick out an outfit for the tour that was coming to New Jersey on July 29th. The cousins were on Amazon, where “everything in silver was sold outttttttt,” Valera told We are mitú in a statement.

“So I was stressed because nothing was going to make it on time. My cousin said, ‘Hold on, I found something we can recreate from these two dresses on Amazon. Have your dad alter it into what Beyoncé wore,” added Valera.

“He ate! Giving uncle Johnny made my dress energy ?” says the top comment on the video, referring to Beyoncé’s late uncle Jonny, who was influential for the artist and helped design her early stage ensembles. He was also the inspiration behind the Renaissance album. 

In a follow-up video, Valera adds that her friend loved the dress so much that her dad also made him a matching dress for the concert. 

The original mini-dress worn by Beyoncé on tour was designed by Georgian designer, David Koma, who also worked on Beyoncé’s costume for her Oscars performance last year. According to WWD, the mini dress with an impact-matching trench, knee-high boots, and a detachable sarong, were inspired by marine biologist Sylvia Earle’s documentary “Mission Blue.”

The dress code for the Renaissance tour is taking notes from Beyoncé herself, who leans into the iridescence- head-to-toe silver, sparkling sets, and holographic ensembles that match the vibes of the Renaissance album, which was released last year.