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D’Lemor’s Debut Single “Shine” Is A Magical Experience

There are songs that make us question meanings and truths, that make us feel something more than worldly words are incapable of describing. Poland-born artist D’Lemor‘s latest release, “Shine,” is a creation with an otherworldly vibe that speaks to your heart at levels unconquered by the conscious. “Shine” is so beautifully heartbreaking that the single leaves some bittersweet taste in the sadness it brings. 

 D’Lemor’s artistic tale of a naive heart, believing that her love, belief, and hopes are capable of changing the world, is a cold shower for anyone who used to know how to dream. It makes you realize how far you are from your pure and raw self and how you lose the teen inside, how ridiculously extreme the youth was, and how painful it is to lose all of it and stay face to face with the harsh reality. Still,  D’Lemor did not lose her belief in the world and humanity. She continues to fight for the change with her art as an armor, and the evidence is the release of her  new single “Shine.”

“Shine” holds the power to convince you that life is still beautiful and worth living even when it is as ugly and harsh as 2020 made us think it is. The song seems to carry the warmth, intimacy, endless sensuality, and infinite beauty of all the sunshine in the morning breeze, the voice of the oceans, the soft stroke of wind, the odor of a new day: the glimpse of something newborn, something good that has to start.