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Dive Into Versum’s Hypnotic New Indie-Rock Single “Hippie Girl”

From psychedelic art-rock to storytelling indie-rock, Versum can do it all and beyond. Their latest single titled “Hippie Girl” is a beautifully tranquil ballad shedding light on the band’s hypnotic vocals and stunning poetic songwriting. This calm intro is followed by a radical change at 1:30 minute, when the fast-paced beat enters, transforming the atmosphere into a much different vibe. What strikes with Versus is their ability to juxtapose contrasts in a perfectly coherent manner, building-up a complex yet in many ways minimalistic creation. 

Versum was founded in 2014 following countless jam sessions. After joint concerts, many written songs and an album, their keyboardist left the band in 2016, after which they reoriented themselves musically. Thinking in pigeon holes is not part of the mentality of the three musicians, nor is it part of their music. This is how varied songs are created that are not too closely tied to one genre. Versum rediscovers itself again and again without forgetting its roots. You hear that Versum’s songs have to say something, convey a feeling, and so Jan Gasser consciously writes songs and lyrics that move him. 

In 2016, Versum released their album Rootless Tree, followed-up by a single earlier this year titled “Down On Your Knees.” 

With the latest single “Hippie Girl” under their belt, Versum is sure to secure themselves a prime spot in the genre, thanks to their vivid creativity and special mastery shining all throughout this new song.

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