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Discover Guytano’s New Track “She Knows

Prepare for a summer filled with poolside day club fun, fine patio dining, and balmy nighttime bar hopping with Guytano’s newest release, “She Knows,” acting as the perfect complement.

The track boasts a carefree EDM pop feel combining fun synth overtones. The Minnesota-based quartet has done it again, by delivering a hit for the summer. They licked off their career back in 2010 as a punk rock cover band, only to transition into an original synth-based pop-rock project. Their new single, “She Knows,” is drawing a smooth combination of synth and pop through catchy melodies and mesmerizing vocal designs.

The band also released a compelling music video to accompany the new track’s vibes and set off their fans in the right direction. From Vegas feels to magical hot summer nights, Guytano is offering a hit for the ages.