And more fashion news you missed

After years of blockbuster link-ups, Kim Jones’ collaborative mill has finally come to a close – kind of. Where Jones once integrated the work of artists, musicians, and brands into his own collections, he is now recruiting “guest designers” to create one-off Dior capsules. For his latest outing, Eli Russell Linnetz – AKA LVMH Prize-finalist ERL – put forward crystallised skater boy shorts, pastel mohairs, ying-yang puffers, and slopey tailoring. Having directed videos for Kanye West, assisted David Mamet, produced for Kid Cudi, and designed costumes for Lady Gaga, ERL’s approach to fashion draws on a trawl net of contemporary Americana staples, which resulted in what he described as “Californian Couture”. As such, the collection carved out a slipstream between the rigour of Parisian luxury and SoCal’s easy breezy attitude – embodied no better than all the glitzy saddle bag keychain wallets. 

In other fashion news this week, Shannon Abloh was announced as the CEO of Virgil Abloh’s estate, Bob Mackie spoke out on all the Kim K met gala drama, and a Kate Moss biopic became public knowledge. Meanwhile, Gucci debuted its Cosmogonie collection beneath a lunar eclipse and Chlöe Sevigny got hitched in hot couture. For everything else that may have passed you by, click through the gallery below.