The Turkish designer cemented the musician’s fashion pivot, channelling all the energy of the divine feminine

One of the best tweets ever written was when somebody described Lorde as the kind of girl who steals purses from the coat-pile at parties. It spoke directly to that troubled suburban eccentricity the singer inhabited in her earlier albums, all greasy side partings and smears of black lipstick. But, as she lit a candle for Goop on Solar Power, that off-kilter exterior gave way to serpentine bodysuits and canary yellow crop tops, even if she still dances in erratic spasms and eats bananas on-stage.

All the new-age spiritualism might be closer aligned with Gucci’s vision of bohemia, but her recent tour looks have run the gamut of Poster Girl, Collina Strada, and 16Arlington, each one slinkier and more cut-out than the last. At Glastonbury, the musician emerged bleached blonde in a corseted swimsuit taken from Dilara Fındıkoğlu’s latest offering, which is fitting, given that Lorde spent the majority of her album roll-out on a beach commune. “Last season, we created an imaginary island called Saint Dilara, and this season, we are tracing the journey of a woman who becomes a saint on the island,” the Turkish designer said.

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“You’ll find her at an Italian villa by Lake Como, sprawled beneath a dark-red Art Deco umbrella, oiled in factor 50, shielded from the sunlight. She listens to Caroline Polachek while eating delicious Italian figs dipped in mascarpone and sipping Bellini in fine Murano glass.” In an accompanying campaign, Fındıkoğlu captured Lily McMenamy in a slew of Mother Earth poses, raising taxidermy swans to the heavens, or otherwise wrapped in albino pythons à la Britney Spears. “The whole collection is very Slave For You,” the designer says, “it feels mysterious, sexy, and wet.” Perhaps the stand-out moment from the collection, however, comes in the form of a crystalline sea-shelled two-piece inspired by Mata Hari, an exotic dancer who was convicted of being a German spy during World War I. It’s a reclamation of the body that chimed with Lorde’s spiritual on-stage rallying.

“Wanna hear a secret girls? Your bodies were destined to be controlled and objectified since before you were born. That horror is your birthright. But here’s another secret, you possess ancient strength, ancient wisdom. Wisdom that has propelled every woman that came before you. That wisdom is also your birthright. I ask you today, make accessing that wisdom your life’s work. Because everything depends on it,” she said. “Fuck the supreme court.”