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Did You Know Lin-Manuel Miranda Has a Cousin in MLB?

Lin-Manuel Miranda has been one of the most popular names in pop culture for more than half a decade. He is a prolific writer of plays, films, music, and soundtracks. Ever since his play, Hamilton, took the world by storm, his name has been etched into the lexicon of Latine culture. As it turns out, talent runs in his family. 

With MLB season in full swing, Manuel Miranda was seen at Yankee Stadium, taking in a Yankee game but probably rooting for the Minnesota Twins, as his cousin, José Miranda, plays for them. The Yankees won the game 2-0, with Lin-Manuel telling, “to actually have someone in the family to make it to the Majors is an enormous source of pride.”

José, as we talked about just before the MLB season, is a name to watch out for during the 2023 MLB season. He had an impressive rookie season in 2022, hitting 15 home runs and establishing himself as the Twins likely candidate to be the long-term third baseman in Minnesota. He got off to a slow start in 2023, but recently he has caught fire and started hitting the way people knew he would.

The Mirandas made sure to have a quick reunion as they’re both in the midst of busy careers.

Imagine being the one person in your family to make it to a major league sports league, going to your family reunion, and somehow not being the most accomplished person in your family. (We’re joking. They are both immensely talented in their own right.) And between José Miranda and Lin-Manuel Miranda, there are 15 home runs, a starting third baseman job, three Tony Awards, two Emmy Awards, five Grammy Awards, and one Pulitzer prize. Talk about a talented family.