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Did You Catch Belinda’s References to Christian Nodal on ‘Cactus’ Music Video?

With her return to music, Belinda is now in her bélica era. Last night (Jan. 31), the Spanish-Mexican pop star released the cinematic music video for “Cactus,” aiming her ex-fiancé Christian Nodal.

Belinda’s last album Catarsis was released in 2013 with Universal. Two years later, she revealed that she had parted ways with the label. In August of last year, Belinda announced that she signed a new record contract with Warner Music. In an Instagram post, she wrote, “Today, years later, I decided to believe again. Believing in myself, in my music, in my career, and in a wonderful team.”

“Cactus” marks Belinda’s first single release with Warner Music. In the fiery breakup anthem, she embraces the sounds of corridos tumbados with a touch of pop in the mix. Following Shakira and Karol G’s roasts of their exes, Belinda sings in Spanish, “Therapy helps, but [the way] music heals [is] more cabrón.” 

Belinda seemingly opens up about her past relationship with Christian Nodal before their split in 2022. In one of the most damning lyrics, she sings, “What was the point of tattooing my eyes and then erasing them with someone else’s.” Nodal had a chest tattoo of Belinda’s eyes, which he later covered up with wings. Belinda channels her catharsis into an epic comeback song that recaptures her fearless spirit.

The music video for “Cactus” was directed by the female duo Flakka. Belinda fully embraces her “Beli bélica” alter ego by smoking a cigar in her vaquera outfit. She later gets into a car accident in the middle of the desert with a Nodal lookalike. The crash could be a reference to the one from Nodal’s “Ya No Somos Ni Seremos” music video. Belinda also engages in a pistol duel with the guy. In the end, she becomes a cactus with blossoming flowers. Another easter egg fans have connected to Belinda and Nodal’s relationship is how Nodal allegedly called Beli “la ultima Coca del desierto,” or “she thinks she’s all that.” In the video, she included Coke bottles in a cooler.

“Cactus” will be included on Belinda’s next album, which will reportedly be titled Indomable. She co-hosted the TikTok Awards in Mexico City last night with Juanpa Zurita.

Check out the “Cactus” music video below.