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Did Whitney Port and Leonardo DiCaprio Date?

The Hill star Whitney Port revealed why she believes Leonardo DiCaprio stopped texting her when they were corresponding years ago.

During an appearance at the Dear Media IRL summit May 6, Port opened up to Entertainment Tonight about the “text relationship” she had with the Oscar-winning actor sometime between 2008 and 2010.

“I’ve talked about this before and on my podcast but I ran into Leonardo DiCaprio at a nightclub and we proceeded to exchange numbers and had like a text relationship for six months,” Port shared.

“We were at the nightclub and he had someone call me over. I immediately called my mom and stepped outside of the club. And then he was like, ‘Come over. We’re going to the one next door too.’ And I went with my best friend,” she continued.

Port recalled that when she eventually dropped her phone, a BlackBerry, in a puddle of water, she panicked, thinking that “Leo’s gonna text me and I’m never gonna get it.”

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Fortunately, she got her phone to work by sticking it in some rice. Unfortunately, DiCaprio never texted her again anyway.

Port believes the A-list actor stopped contacting her after an executive producer on her MTV reality spinoff show The City leaked the pair’s text relationship to the press.

“I think he leaked it to the press and then [Leo] never texted me back,” Port revealed.

Even though things fizzled with DiCaprio, Port is happily married today.

She began dating former City producer Tim Rosenman in 2012. The pair got engaged the following year and got married in 2015. The couple has a 5-year-old son.

As for DiCaprio, the actor was recently linked to model Irina Shayk.

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