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Did Tokischa & Madonna Record a Music Video Together?

Following their internet-breaking kiss on stage, Madonna and Tokischa appear to have a music video release on the way. Since yesterday (Sept. 5), videos featuring the two provocateur artists have been circulating social media – and we’re here for it.

It comes as no surprise that the two singers would bond over their boundary-pushing artistry. Since their onstage collaboration – a dembow-infused version of Madonna’s “Hung Up” at the Queen of Pop’s World of Women’s NFT NYC event in June – fans have yearned for a recorded version. While we don’t have any official news from either artist yet, videos online reveal both artists in NYC filming a music video for what sounds like the same song.

Before the stage performance, we also reported that Toki and Madge were in the studio together. A week before Madonna’s Terminal 5 event, she posted a photo of the two on an Instagram story with the caption: “A woman’s work is never done.” 

Per the new video recordings, we hear what seems to be the same remix of the Queen’s 2005 hit “Hung Up.” We also see the duo surrounded by a crowd of dancers near a unique sound system representing the Dominican Republic’s popular car culture.

In another shot, we see Toki and Madonna getting low in the middle of the crowded street performance. Madonna’s wearing a black lace tank top paired with lime green shorts and black lace gloves, and Toki’s decked out in an all Balenciaga black outfit with shades to top it off.

Fans are excited to see Madonna work with the emerging Dominican rapper. A Twitter user said: “I’ve been saying that tokischa is the coolest new artist coming up in music and it’s incredible that after all these years madonna still has her ears to what’s up and coming in all genres.” Another Twitter user commented on the current state of Latines in the music industry. “Bad Bunny head lining a huge music festival and breaking multiple records and now Tokischa making a song with Madonna is crazy. Latinos it’s only up for us from here.” 

We don’t have an official video announcement yet, but we’re all anxious to see the results of it. From these videos alone, it already looks like a banger in the making.