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Did Selena Gomez Just Reveal She’s Touring This Year?

Calling all Selenators! This is not a drill: Selena Gomez just seemingly dropped a major hint at an upcoming tour through a fan interaction online. This tour would mark her first since her Revival tour in 2016, which she cut short

After confirming that she was working on new music, Gomez apparently surprised her fans, who had anticipated her return to the music stage. One fan page published an Instagram post with Selena’s past tour looks with the caption: “Selena Gomez on tour (part 1).” To their surprise, the “Come & Get It” singer replied: “Can’t wait for tour ?.” Afterward, she left another comment: “Should I go this year or next? Feel like I should wait.”

Needless to say, fans are ecstatic with the thought of Gomez gracing the stage again to perform. A Twitter user wrote: “The new Selena Gomez comments about going on Tour it’s what keeps me alive.” Another Twitter user wrote: “Wey, if Selena Gómez does a tour and comes to Mexico, I’ll sell my life to the highest bidder… “pero de que voy a verla la voy a ir a ver (but if I’m going to see her, I’m going to see her).”

As far as music goes, her latest music release was “My Mind & Me,” alongside her intimate documentary. She also released “Calm Down,” a collaboration with Rema in 2022. Her last EP release was the Spanish-language Revelación in 2021, and her last album was Rare in 2020.

In an interview last year, she said: “I’m open to a tour, one thousand percent, but I obviously have obligations and things I wanna do, so when the time’s right. It’s not [at] the top of my priority list.”

Is the actress and singer finally ready to give it a go? Whether or not she’s going on tour this year, we’re excited to listen to any new music she has planned. We’ll keep an eye out for further details.