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Did Mia Khalifa & Jhayco Break Up?

Jhayco and Mia Khalifa appear to have broken up. From their recent activity on social media, the fans think the couple has called it quits. 

Last Nov., Jhayco made his relationship with Khalifa public when he posted a photo with her on Instagram. “The pressure is not me, it’s her,” he wrote in the Instagram post. Since then, their relationship was very public, posting their photos and videos together on Instagram and TikTok.

On Monday (August 1), fans noticed that Khalifa unfollowed Jhayco on Instagram. She also deleted all of the photos they had together. A few days before on Twitter, Khalifa wrote, “Men cheating to impress other men is peak corny.” In another post, she wrote, “The most embarrassing thing in the world to be right now is a girlfriend. Praying for y’all.” This is when fans started to think that Jhayco and Khalifa had broken up.

Jhayco appeared to respond to the rumors with an Instagram story that same day. The Puerto Rican singer said that he would be taking a break from social media. “Having your life be public is something that is not easy to deal with,” he wrote. “For the moment, I’m going to take a break from [social media] networks. But I’ll be back with new music. See you soon.”

Neither Khalifa nor Jhayco have confirmed if they’ve actually broken up, but the fans think they have. On Twitter, one fan wrote, “Jhay and Mia have left each other, today I want to be left alone.” Another fan wrote, “I don’t believe in love anymore.”

One of the most interesting responses compared Jhayco and Khalifa’s supposed breakup to Bad Bunny kissing another woman in the club in front of Gabriela Berlingeri. That was another moment that had Twitter going off this week, but then again, Benito has previously said Berlingeri was his “best friend.” The fan wrote, “First Mia Khalifa and Jhayco have split and then Bad Bunny kisses someone other than Gabrielita, leave me alone.”