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Did Jhayco Replace Fuerza Regida’s JOP with Peso Pluma on ‘Ex-Special’?

Social media users have been buzzing about Jhayco and Peso Pluma’s new collaboration, “Ex-Special,” since it came out last week. However, they’re also talking about Fuerza Regida’s song “Qué Onda,” which sounds similar. People are now speculating that Fuerza Regida’s JOP (Jesús Ortiz Paz) was allegedly supposed to be on the original track.

Last Wednesday (Aug. 30), Fuerza Regida released their single “Qué Onda” with Calle 24 and Chino Pacas. Eagle-eyed fans noticed the music video was taken down shortly after its release. Later, JOP posted a video saying it had to be deleted because someone claimed they wrote the whole track. He claimed someone sent “la gente grande” to take the video down. Though it’s unclear who he was referring to, the music video is still down.

Later that week, on Friday (Sep. 1), Jhayco released his collaboration “Ex-Special” with Peso Pluma. As it turned out, both songs shared similar lyrics. Jhayco’s “Ex-Special” says, “¿Adónde va’? / ¿Qué onda? ¿Qué má’?” while Fuerza Regida’s “Qué Onda” echoes similar lyrics with, “Baby, ¿qué más? / ¿Qué fue?” Furthermore, social media users also resurfaced a clip of JOP and Chino Pacas singing “Ex-Special” alongside Jhayco, making them speculate that it was originally supposed to be JOP’s verse. 

People are left wondering why there was a change of featured artists on “Ex-Special,” and are voicing their opinions on what’s allegedly going down. “Well, I don’t know but to me, it was really cool that JOP decided to take a stand with the morros he believes in since he and Chino Pacas were dropped from that collab with Jhayco,” a social media user wrote about the situation. Another online user said: “Nah but why Jhayco take off Chino Pacas & JOP off that ExSpecial song!?!? 🤦🏽‍♂️.”

Others are advising Fuerza Regida to keep it peaceful with Jhayco. “‘Qué Onda’ is a great song, it’s much better than ‘Ex-Special,’ it’s totally unnecessary for JOP to beef with Jhayco because he can get into a mess, when Jhayco beefs with someone he DESTROYS him. So, Fuerza Regida, you better just enjoy your success, period.”

At the time of publishing, neither Jhayco nor Peso Pluma has posted about the situation. Both songs remain on Spotify.