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Did Jeremy Allen White Just Wear the ‘Rosalía Rose’ Previously Worn by Rauw Alejandro?

Coincidence or personal style statement? On Sunday (January 14), Rosalía’s reported flame, Jeremy Allen White, attended the Critics Choice Awards wearing a pinstripe suit with a single accessory on his torso – a curved rose brooch on the suit lapel, apparently the same rose that Rosalía’ ex, Rauw Alejandro, rocked at the 2022 Latin Grammy Awards with Rosalía by his side. 

While the couple have not officially announced their relationship status, pictures of the couple embracing and kissing in L.A. just a week prior have stirred dating rumors. Despite White’s solo appearance at the Critics Choice Award ceremony, fans on social media are speculating that Rosalía has left her mark with the rose. 

In a Spanglish video posted by CarloseCalderon, the TikToker highlights the rose’s debut on Rauw, noting that while the rose and the couple “look amazing” in 2022, the same rose is now seen on White, thus making the relationship between White and Rosalía official. “THE MESSINESS AND PETTINESS OF IT ALL I can’t 😣🤧 but i guess it’s official guys! no more hope for my parents 😭#GreenScreen” states the video’s caption.

Viewers were also expressing all “the feelings,” with some saddened by the coincidence and others impressed by the mark that was made. TikTok user Cindy Lopez commented, “When I tell you I’m HURT.” 

In another video comparing the rose brooch, user Britt_A_Kneeeee commented “SHE BRANDS THEM OMG power move fr 😫😫.” Other users were also making cultural branding references, “Not Rosalía Pulling a Blair Waldorf move” and another user commenting, “What in the Belinda curse is going on here?! 😳.”  

The Rose brooch from TIffany & Co., is known as the Amapola Brooch and currently retails for $1,025.