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Did Feid Sing About Karol G on New Album? — Here’s Why Fans Think So

Did Feid dedicate some lyrics to Karol G on his new album? Over the weekend, Ferxxo’s fans believe they found references of their romance in his latest album, which released last week. 

Though Karol G and Feid have yet to confirm their relationship, they have been spotted together multiple times in romantic embraces, from holding hands to cradling hugs. During one of her concerts at the Rose Bowl in L.A. last August, Karol G dedicated her song “Tus Gafitas” to Feid, who was in the audience. She also wished him a happy birthday while the entire stadium glowed green, which has become Feid’s signature color.

On his new album, Mor, No Le Temas A La Oscuridad, Feid appears to have written a few memorable songs for Karol G. He called one of the songs, “Románticos De Lunes,” his favorite from the album on X (formerly known as Twitter). 

In “Románticos De Lunes,” Feid sings in Spanish, “I want to get home, baby, and have you for breakfast.” The line appears to respond to Karol G’s song “Carolina” from her Mañana Será Bonito album. In that song, she sang, “A nutritious breakfast, if I’m the appetizer.” Feid’s fans have also connected another line of the song to Karol G. He sings, “I saw your [Instagram] story in Coral Gables / You were in all black like [Darth] Vader.”

Another song believed to be about Karol G is “Ferxxo Edition.” In the heartfelt track, he sings about a friendship that has developed into a relationship over time. One person on X wrote, “Feid’s song, Ferxxo Edition, was written for Karol G. I have no proof, but I have no doubts either.” In a lyric that his fans have singled out, Feid sings, “How chimba (cool) that after a while, we finally got our turn.”

Feid released his Mor, No Le Temas A La Oscuridad album last Friday. He also dropped multiple music videos that day, including “Románticos De Lunes,” “Ferxxo Edition,” and “Luces De Tecno.” He celebrated the LP’s release with a special performance on Amazon Music Live.