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Did Bad Bunny Diss J Balvin on New Album? J Balvin Responds

Are J Balvin and Bad Bunny still friends? On Oct. 13, the Puerto Rican artist released nadie sabe lo que va a pasar mañana, a rap album giving online users a lot to unpack. One of the buzziest songs? The Eladio Carrión-assisted “THUNDER Y LIGHTNING,” which seemingly throws a diss at his Oasis collaborator.

In one of the verses on “THUNDER Y LIGHTNING,” Benito says, “Ustede’ me han visto, siempre ando con los mismo’ / Mientras ustedes son amigos de to’ el mundo como Balvin [You have seen me with the same [friends] / While you’re all friends with the whole world, like Balvin].” While it could simply be an observation of J Balvin’s large social circle, social media users think there’s more to the story.

On a recent Instagram Live (Oct. 13), the Colombian singer opened up about the alleged jab. He mentioned that the Benito he knows is a great artist, and he wishes him the best. In the lyrics, he said, “I’m very surprised by la vuelta,” but he reiterated that Benito’s a good guy. While there might not be beef between the two superstars, it also appears that the two might not be as close as they used to be back in their Oasis days. It’s worth mentioning that J Balvin wished him the best through a social media video rather than being present at yesterday’s album listening party in Puerto Rico. 

Social media users are also commenting about the pressumed diss. “J Balvin had been fixing his image and doing a little damage control for almost two years. He finally does it, he’s out in the ring again and Bad Bunny hits him directly on his new album. Honestly that man can’t catch a break.” Another X user wrote: “Bad Bunny dissing J Balvin is the worst disrespect and the worst display of being real in history.”

Whatever the case may be, Benito’s not wrong when he says J Balvin is friends with the whole world. This week, he posted a photo with Britney Spears and Maluma – something that wasn’t in our 2023 bingo card.