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Did Anuel AA Shade Karol G in His New Music Video? Fans React

Some people say, “You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.” This sentiment might ring true for Anuel AA in “Mi Exxx,” his latest collaboration with Wisin (April 20). Fans are buzzing on social media over a specific detail in the music video that could be referencing his past relationship with Karol G.

The music video features scenes of Wisin and Anuel rapping in an industrial park interspersed with shots of a vintage convertible that fans have pointed out as the same one used in Karol G and Anuel’s 2018 hit “Culpables.” The video ends with a shot of the car looking rusted and corroded, surrounded by funeral-style flower wreaths after a sudden explosion. Anuel’s subtle nod to his past relationship was not lost on fans.

“Anuel put out a song [called] ‘Mi Exx’ and used the same car he used to record the song with Karol, he exploded it, and put roses on it,” wrote one fan, followed by a skull emoji. “Even I wouldn’t do that much!”

“Who else could be Karol G and have Ferxxo and Anuel writing songs to her?” wrote another Twitter user, referencing Feid’s latest single, “Niña Bonita.

While Anuel and Karol G’s highly publicized relationship spanned two years and produced several hit songs, the couple announced their split in 2021. Since then, Anuel has been making headlines for his personal and professional life. He recently welcomed a daughter with his ex-girlfriend Yailin La Más Viral and publicly acknowledged for the first time that he is a father of three children.

On April 14, Anuel was featured on a new song called “Triste Verano” with fellow Puerto Rican rapper Eladio Carrión, which some fans speculate could also make reference to Karol G. Last night, Anuel performed “Mi Exxx” for the first time alongside Wisin at the 2023 Latin American Music Awards.

Watch the official music video for “MI EXXX” below.