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Def Leppard Wants Skrillex to Remix Their Biggest Hit Song

Apple Music recently took to Twitter to upload a rather interesting short video. The video shows Phil Collen, the guitarist for the band Def Leppard, sitting in a room full guitars and amplifiers. He rambles on about why he is intrigued by dubstep, before dropping an interesting line, “What would be REALLY cool is if Skrillex done “Pour Some Sugar On Me”.

From there, the tweet links you to the Def Leppard catalogue on iTunes. This leaves fans wondering what exactly this short video or advertisement means. Is Def Leppard calling out Skrillex to remix their iconic record? Is Sonny already working on the project, and will soon release this? Without anything further evidence on their iTunes page, we can only be left to speculate. Check the video out for yourself below.