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Deadmau5 & Krewella Feud Returns Over New Krewella Music Video

Deadmau5 & Krewella Feud Returns Over New Krewella Music Video

It’s been awhile since any drama involving deadmau5 has come about. Fortunately for us drama seekers, the wait is now over- it was well worth the wait. The Canadian producer and Krewella are going head to head once again. As we all know, deadmau5 and Krewella don’t see eye to eye about the industry they work in. Remember back in 2015 when deadmau5 called out the duo for their Ultra set?

Aw man. Krewellas got them new completely wireless DJMs??? I’m jealous.

— Goat lord (@deadmau5) March 29, 2015

This time, however, it’s about Krewella’s new music video, “Bitch the Year“. Honestly, the song sounds like typical Krewella, but the video is actually empowering. In the background the video, they have rapid fire images men accused misogyny and/or sexual harassment while they go in calling for female empowerment. Featured in the video are the likes disgraced film producer and sexual predator, Harvey Weinstein, as well as Donald Trump, who is wading an NDA-based lawsuit with a former porn star.

In the original, images deadmau5 appeared on screen next to the other individuals mentioned above. Apparently, there was some legal action threatened, and therefore, the original video was pulled. The new re-upload is about the same, but does not feature the iconic mau5 head as it once did.

The new “Bitch the Year” video even comes a disclaimer: “Someone threatened to sue us for using their image in this video,” Krewella states. “Here is a new version without them.”

As usual, and rightfully so, deadmau5 did not hold back his thoughts and feelings on the matter.

The new @Krewella song has a good message but why are they flashing a picture @deadmau5 next to pictures actual Freemasons, rapists and pedophiles. He isn’t involved in any this. It’s straight up damage to his reputation, seriously.

— Harpyi (@harpyidubs) March 9, 2018

im actually more fended by the lack talent and autotune.

— Goat lord (@deadmau5) March 9, 2018

Oh god where do I even start.

— Goat lord (@deadmau5) March 10, 2018

Ah, the rat just owns the image rights. And the other manager has the mental capacity an average 8 year old. Sucks to suck.

— Goat lord (@deadmau5) March 10, 2018

If you wanna check out the new video, here it is: