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Danna Paola Apologizes After Username Controversy — Here’s What Happened

Danna Paola has stirred up some controversy with the recent change of her artistic name. 

Following a 20-plus year career of using her full name, Paola revealed that she will go only by Danna. To christen her name change, she wanted to update her handle on Instagram to @Danna. On X (formerly known as Twitter), she found out that another person has owned the @Danna handle since 2006. In a Whatsapp group with her fans, Paola shared in multiple audios that the woman asked for $400,000 for the username. In the audio message, she asked her fans to help convince the account owner to give up the handle.

“We have to make a plan,” Paola said in Spanish. “We have to get this done somehow and you have to help me because the lady doesn’t want [to give up the username]. I’m not going to pay her $400,000. I say we conspire so that she will give it to us.”

Some of Paola’s fans then sent a barrage of online hate to the @Danna account on X. The owner of the handle, even revealed that fans were leaving “nasty comments” on her Instagram business account. In a message on X, she opened up about her side of the story, including the reason behind the $400,000 price tag. 

“For the record, I made it clear from the beginning that I didn’t want to give away my name,” they wrote. “I was contacted multiple times and was offered $400. I kindly declined and went about my business. When I didn’t respond, I was contacted again. So I countered with $400,000, a price I knew they’d never agree to. I didn’t ask for this [harassment], and I don’t deserve it.”

When Paola got word of the online harassment, she told her fans engaging in that kind of behavior to stop immediately. On X, she later adopted the handle @DannaJustDanna, and sent an apology to the owner of the @Danna account.

“When I asked for your help in getting the name @Danna on X/Twitter, I did not anticipate or intend for what happened to happen,” she wrote. “I want to offer my sincerest apologies to Danna for the situation she had to go through. I learn from my mistakes and promise to be more aware and cautious with my actions in the future. I will continue to build an environment of empathy and respect, and I ask everyone to do the same.”

The owner of the @Danna account then put out a message thanking the people who supported her through the “difficult time.” 

Danna, first album with her name change, Childstar, will be released on April 11.