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Daniela De Izcue Puts Her Artisti.” Talent On Full Display In “Alguien Como Tu”

The uncompromisingly expressive singer, Daniela De Izcue, displays her full potential and talents in her recently released project “Alguien Como Tu”.

While the spontaneously shot music video of the project adds weight to an already compelling soundtrack. 

Daniela has put her soul and heart into this top-notch project. Her edgy look throughout the 2:57 minute of the video, not to forget her graceful vocals, which flow perfectly with the electronic and R&B mood. 

The video clips feature the Peruvian singer sitting in front of the wall and singing, connecting with the audience through her facial expression. 

Daniela has just launched her musical career; she has promised her fans that she will be releasing eight more songs, dividing them into Spanish and English. 

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Watch the music video below: