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Daddy Yankee & Don Omar End Their Feud – Here’s How It Happened

Two reggaeton pioneers have squashed the feud between them. As Daddy Yankee steps away from the spotlight and Don Omar makes his return, the Puerto Rican icons expressed their respect and admiration for each other last night (Dec. 12)

Daddy Yankee and Don Omar’s feud stemmed from the time they toured together. Back in 2016, they called off the Kingdom Tour after a concert in Las Vegas, NV. Don Omar claimed that Daddy Yankee disagreed with how he organized the tour and that Daddy Yankee’s team sabotaged his set by disconnecting the wiring backstage. Daddy Yankee later denied any wrongdoing and said that Don Omar couldn’t admit to giving up and quitting the tour.

In an Instagram post, Don Omar revealed that they worked through their issues. “Today, we close the book that kept the best chapters of our controversial rivalry,” he wrote. “Thank you for your words and for listening to mine, which came from the heart too. I wish you and your family the best. Thank you for your competitive spirit and admirable discipline, but even more so, thank you for what you did for our music.”

Daddy Yankee later responded, talking about reconciliation from his perspective. In an Instagram post of his own, he opened up about his heart-to-heart with Don Omar. 

“Today I feel calm knowing that [the beef] is behind us and we are an example of how we may have differences, but there will always be room for forgiveness,” he wrote. “You have been a great rival and I will never stop recognizing everything you’ve done for our movement. God bless you, your family, and all your faithful followers.”

One king of reggaeton is resting on his laurels, while another is getting back into the game. In his last concert in Puerto Rico earlier this month, Daddy Yankee revealed that he is now a man of God. When Daddy Yankee officially went into retirement, Don Omar announced the dates for his 2024 Back to Reggaeton Tour the next day.