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D.L. Hughley Faints Onstage During Set In Nashville

had a bit of a scare on Friday (June 19) while performing a stand-up routine in Nashville, Tenn. The veteran comedian and media figure passed out while in the midst of delivering a joke, and details are currently still developing.

Hughley, 57, was delivering a set at the Zanies Comedy Night Club in Nashville and was entertaining a packed crowd when the incident took place. Video of the moment show Hughley ready to deliver one of his zingers and his voice trailed off ahead of him sliding off a stool and then hitting his head on the stage’s floor before two men take him off to the side.

While Hughley hasn’t made any public statements, DJ Vlad said Twitter that he spoke with the comedian and that he’s doing better. Another comedian, Jay Washington, said that he spoke with folks close to Hughley who confirmed that he’s on the mend.

That’s great news.

Get better, D.L. Hughley.

Photo: Getty