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Cuban Doll Apologizes To Her Family After She Claims Ari Allegedly Leaked Her Sex Tape

Even during a global pandemic, civil unrest around the world, your tape still gonna hit the web.

Cuban Doll is down in the dumps after her homemade boom boom flick (we will not be sharing) featuring herself and ex-boyfriend, rapper Tadoe magically appeared on the internet over the weekend. The Texas rapper took to Instagram Live and tearfully spoke about the leaked video. She claimed that Ari Fletcher — whom she has beef with — dropped the video on the web without her permission and that she is deeply saddened that her family had to see her getting cakes smashed to smithereens in the clip.

“And that bitch Ari, okay, you so happy you got a video of me and Tadoe f**kin’ from last year on my birthday when I was drunk. I don’t give a f**k, it’s the fact that my nieces and nephews gotta see that shit. They gotta get on the internet and see they auntie… You feel what I’m sayin’? That’s the only thing that I really care about, and my daddy, my family gotta see that.”

Cuban Doll also claimed that Ari has been threatening to leak the tape for months.

The bitch has been holding the video over my head for about six months now like, ‘I’ma post the video, I’ma post the video. Okay, go ahead! I’ve been tellin’ the bitch to post it. I don’t give a f**k.”

Her response clearly says otherwise but okay.

Doll further explained that Ari “stole” the video from Tadoe’s phone and that she leaves her dirty panties at his house.

“A bitch so lame, ’cause you took the video out of Tadoe’s phone. Like congratulations, bitch, you f**kin’ played yourself,” she said. “Ari, you a lame ass bitch, now we finna f**kin’ post yo’ f**kin’ dirty ass panties, bitch, where you left yo f**kin’ dirty panties at Tadoe’s house.”

Cuban Doll then went to her Instagram Stories to apologize to her family, mainly her young nieces and nephews that look up to her and also confirmed that it is Tadoe in the video and not a random giving her strokes.

“To my family I’m sorry. Yeah I’m becus I have nieces and nephews that look up to me. Only reason why I was crying like my poor baby got to see that yuno .. ? Other then that I don’t care, let’s mfn play all dayyyyy.”

“And that Tadoe my ni**a ain’t no random ass ni**a got me on camera that’s so old & I was drunk as hell. But a bitch took that video out his phone and been saving it for the longest…holding it over my head I been knew it was gone come out me & my team was well prepared for this…”

Gotta be careful who you let record you during a drunken smash session.

Photo: Timothy Norris / Getty